Meade 6 inch Refractor - model LXD75 EMC
This telescope is ideal for observing the moon, the planets and the sun in white light.
It has an equatorial mount on a concrete pier. Shown here with its new equatorial mount.
For protection, this telescope has a roll off mini-shed.

Type:               Achromatic Refractor

Aperture:        152   mm (6")

Focal length:   1219 mm (48")

Focal ratio:      f/8

Weight:           92 lbs (42 kg)


Operation:       Motor driven and a GOTO hand controller with over 43,000 objects



The photograph shows the telescope safely observing the Sun. The 6" has a Herschel Wedge which cuts out 99.9% of the light. On the counterweight side is a dedicated solar telescope - a Coronado SolarMax 60.


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Banner photo - M42 and M51 taken at the HLCO by Mark Holmes